Hildegard’s Living Words For This New Year


“When the world is new to the ways of spirit it will hear heart song clearly” – Message from Hildegard in Spirit  (September 19, 2010)

What will make us “new in spirit”?  I remember the day this message came through from Spirit feeling joy and gratitude to be part of such a moment:  A Divine being is sending us all a message – right now.  What should I do with it and will anyone believe that such a thing is possible?

My hope, my prayer for this new year is that 2013 will be that time when these new “living words” that Hildegard has sent from Heaven to all us will be known, read and experienced.  Who will believe that these words are truly words from Heaven?  You?

This is what I think:

– We are part of an extraordinary time in which we are called to open intuitively to experience a Divine union.  We are invited to open this doorway within ourselves. This is for our own growth and the greater good.

– St. Hildegard’s words are an invitation and tool for experiencing the Divine Source and growing, deepening spiritually.

-We have to be willing to grow, change and participate.  We must welcome the Divine to experience what is to come.

– Who will be attracted to this work? Those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

– Does my participation matter?  It must, not only for each of us personally, but for ALL.  We are invited to bring about a re-harmonizing of humanity.  That sounds pretty important to me.

– Will you join me in sending her words out to the world?  She asked that we create a pathway for her work.  Will you take part in paving the way?

she sent this meditation to us all from Spirit. I imagine these words put to music:


Will you fly, my soul, to where the angels sing?

Like a bird, be as free on the wind

So my thoughts may see yours

My ears hear your voice from long ago

For the wind carries your memory to me

And if I try, I can lift my hand and grasp it

Hold it to me

And remember how it felt to have you here

Your voice comes through

And I know it is you

Your thoughts are there

For my eyes to see

I only have to close mine

To see them

Like the thunder

I feel you move through me

There, yet not,

A whisper that shouts when I know

It is you who speaks.

All my efforts are rewarded

When, together, we rejoice in the veil

Your finger touches mine

This world slips into yours

And yours into mine

When on the wind we meet

In the light you touch my soul

And we are together again

From thought and thunder

You are made whole

In my mind again

We rejoice at this brief reunion

We carry it forward for another day

Until another time

When we will join hands in the light

Instead of the night

Where the holy plan returns me home

Into your arms, again


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